Apple® Tablets Are Breaking Boundaries.

iPad Apr 12, 2021

Apple® tablets are more than just a tool for quieting a toddler. Here, we'll discuss how this device is capable of becoming your personal computing game-changer.

Speedy Performance

The premier Apple® tablet, iPad Pro®, comes standard with iOS 10 and either an A9X, A10X or A12X chip. This puts its performance on par with personal computing devices that feature Intel's i5 and i7 processors. So, not only are you getting the computing power of a traditional PC or laptop, but you're getting all the apps that come pre-installed with your tablet, including word processing and presentation software. With gaming capabilities comparable to the X-Box 360 and movie-streaming apps pre-installed as well, this incredible device can play double duty as your entertainment outlet and work computer. Finding free WIFI will also no longer be an issue as you will have the option to connect your device to 4G mobile service, granting you full access to the World Wide Web anytime, anywhere.

Superior Versatility

Apple® tablets are even lighter than what's considered to be an ultra-light laptop (the MacBook Air® for example). On top of being physically lighter than most personal computing devices, Apple® tablets are also easier to grip when you're on-the-move, giving them a clear advantage.

Next-Level Security

Apple® tech is renowned for its security superiority. Every app available on your Apple® tablet has been formatted in a way that protects it from malware and other known PC viruses. For an added layer of security, Apple® tablets boast a finger-swipe feature that grants you, and only you, access.

Interested in trusting your day-to-day computing to an Apple® tablet? Friendly techs at Experimax are not afraid to let you give any of our certified pre-owned gear a test run when you come in. With college graduation just around the corner, now's the perfect time to get your grad the gear they need to work toward a bright future. Our deeply discounted prices more than make the grade, we look forward to talking tech!

Content credit: Experimax


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