Cracked Screens Happen - Protect Your iPhone® For Life

Repair Apr 7, 2021

Low-rise jeans a little too tight for a safe carry? Curious cat scoot your sidekick off the counter? Skipping songs at the gym land your device on the floor? Protect your smartphone screen from Murphy's Law by following these five tips for screen safety and keep what can happen from becoming what did.

Consider A Protective Case

When your phone hits the pavement, the cracked display may be the most visible consequence, but you also risk damaging delicate internal components. Think of a hard case as your smartphone's suit of armor.

Available in a variety of stylish designs, they are cost-effective when compared to replacing your damaged device.

Apply A Tempered Glass Screen

If a protective case is your smartphone's suit of armor, adhesive screen protectors are its blast shield. These easy-to-install and generally inexpensive additions will drastically reduce the damage when your device takes a hit. Plastic covers will merely keep your screen safe from scratches, so it's best to trust your phone's display to tempered glass.

Rock A Pop Socket

A pop socket is an attachment that easily adheres to the backside of your device. They feature a circular base, a flexible stem and a sleek disk that can extend outward to provide an instantly better grip. A pop socket can also act as a prop for your smartphone, making it easier to view streamed content on your pristine screen.

Photo by Brad Pouncey / Unsplash

Use A Skin For Extra Grip

If a hard case is a hard no for you, applying an adhesive skin is your next - best line of defense. Operating on an ounce of prevention is not necessarily a cure. However, this soft layer will improve your grip so you are less likely to drop your device in the first place.

Invest In A Car Phone Holder

Using your smartphone while operating a motor vehicle is dangerous for you and your device. Last-minute turns can result in a shattered mess. Use a car phone holder to be safer and prevent catastrophes.

Follow these screen-safety tips to significantly minimize the risk of damaging your smartphone. Experimax boasts an impressive collection of all things Apple® including iPhone® accessories. If this helpful advice is a little too late, and you require a repair ASAP, Experimax's friendly technicians are waiting to replace your cracked screen and get it back to you the same day.

Content Credit: Experimax


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